Suzy's Zoo Studios

For over 50 years, Suzy’s Zoo Studio’s founder and CEO, Suzy Spafford, has been doing what she loves – drawing and laughing. Suzy says her life’s purpose is to make people happy, and to share the joy experienced when one remembers what it is like to be a child.

When Suzy was about three years old, she started drawing pictures with pencils and coloring them in with crayons. She learned her artistic skill from an expert, her four-year-old sister, Sally. Suzy’s childhood memories were forged in the 1950’s while growing up in San Diego, California, a time of peanut-butter-and-jelly picnic lunches, backyard explorations with Sally and little brother Johnny, and forts made out of freshly dried laundry on the clothesline.

Approached in 1967 with the idea of creating a line of greeting cards, Suzy began her greeting card company, Suzy’s Zoo, the following year. The endearing animal characters in Suzy’s Zoo have attracted a large and loyal following of fans the world over, with the company selling both everyday and seasonal selections of cards, stationery, arts and crafts projects and other paper and gift items. Since 1986, Suzy’s art has been licensed into a wide range of products in the U.S. and abroad. Many of the original licensees are still with us today.

Suzy's Zoo Store

A collaboration between Suzy's Zoo & Flickback Media, Inc., Suzy's Zoo Store is the official, dedicated location to purchase Suzy's Zoo greeting cards, calendars, stickers, and other stationery online - all printed here in the USA. 

Flickback Media is the leader in nostalgia gifts, with products that offer a look back at what happened in your year. Whether it's a birth year, a wedding anniversary, or a significant graduation or work milestone, our products are a fun and informative way to reminisce and recall pop culture, sports, news, and world events happenings in your year.

Founded in 2007, Flickback Media has been helping customers connect with their past for over ten years, from our flagship DVD Greeting Cards to our coffee table and miniature books, and our interactive Trivia Playing Cards and Newsmaker Puzzles. 

Since Flickback Media began working with Suzy's Zoo to produce greeting cards, we have worked to expand offerings to include coloring books, stickers, note pads, and even collectible reproductions of vintage artwork in the form of note cards, vintage calendars, and giclée prints.