Here comes Herkimer with an armload of sunshine in this card from Suzy's Zoo, the perfect way to express your friendship.
Herkimer Sunflower Friendship Cards

Herkimer Sunflower Friendship Cards

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This greeting card from Suzy's Zoo is the perfect way to express your friendship. Here comes Herkimer with a big armload of sunshine! The message reads "Bringing you a little sunshine..." while the inside message reads:  "...and a cheery hello!" Featuring full-color artwork and made in the USA, this is one of Suzy's Zoo's classic greeting cards. Follow these links to the Suzy's Zoo homepage if you'd like to learn more about Duckport and its lovable characters.

"Herkimer Sunflower" Product Details

  • Designed and Manufactured in the United States
  • Printed on 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper
  • Classic Suzy's Zoo artwork by artist Suzy Spafford
  • Each card measures 5" x 7"

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