Mixed Cards 6-pack: Happy Birthday Wishes 10152

Mixed Cards 6-pack: Happy Birthday Wishes 10152

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This six-pack of "Happy Birthday Wishes" greeting cards from Suzy's Zoo has you covered for several assorted occasions. Included are the following cards and messages:
  • Happy Birthday -  Herkimer Mouse says,  "Who could ever forget his elephant friend Livingston Widefoot!?"  Message reads:  "I would never never never forget-"  while the inside message reads  "-You!  Happy Birthday"
  • Happy Birthday - Witzy is always ready to celebrate!  Message reads:  "Woweeee! It's your birthday!"  while the inside message reads  "Have a happy, happy day!"
  • Happy Birthday - Herkimer has an extra big wish for you today!  Message reads:  "The BIGGEST Birthday wish!"  while the inside message reads "-from little ol' me! Happy Birthday!"
  • Happy Birthday - Herkimer knows some of the sweetest people!  Message reads:  "Happy Birthday!"  while the inside message reads  "You make life a whole lot sweeter!"
  • Happy Birthday - Suzy Ducken takes her Birthday Candle wish very seriously. Don't you? Message reads:  "Happy Birthday! Make a wish..."  while the inside message reads  "...and I'll be wishing for it to come true!"
  • Happy Birthday - Wille Bear loves to celebrate birthdays!  Message reads:  "Have a Rootin' tootin'..."   while the inside message reads  "...Happy Birthday!"
Featuring full-color artwork and made in the USA, this is a set of some of Suzy's Zoo's classic greeting cards. Follow these links to the Suzy’s Zoo homepage if you’d like to learn more about Duckport and its lovable characters.

"Happy Birthday Wishes" Product Details

  • Designed and Manufactured in the United States
  • Printed on 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper
  • Classic Suzy's Zoo artwork by artist Suzy Spafford
  • Each card measures 5" x 7"
  • Includes six envelopes and six greeting cards

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